Soul Star - Angelight

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Archangel Michael

He is the one who has brought these activations to you and he is also the one who will take your hand and guide you thru this first of the higher chakra activations preparing the way for another part of your journey back to the Great Central Sun.

The journey thru the last seven activations has opened your energy field for this step. Now is the time to step into your multi dimensional being and explore life from a higher dimension.
The Soul Star Chakra

The activation of your Soul Star chakra concludes the first part of this set of high frequency interactions with the Beings of Light that you have come to know so well.

It is also the first of the higher dimensional activations that your intent to follow this path has led you to.

Joining us in this amazing step forward will truly shine the light of the Great Central Sun upon you with you being prepared to immerse yourself in it for the first time.
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